Canterbury Mudfish - a Galaxiid

Other Galaxis species are found in "whitebait". But the Canterbury Mudfish (like other mudfish) are endangered as a result of wetland drainage throughout Canterbury.

About the mudfish

There are websites and reports on this endangered species.

1. Threatened Species Recovery Plan. This page lists DoC's plans for various species including the mudfish (Plan 51).

2. Dept of Conservation's current page on mudfish links to "Threats to mudfish and how you can help".

3. This 25 page pdf is an easy-to-read guide to the four main mudfish.

4. The Canterbury Mudfish site is a source of information hosted by Environment Canterbury and supported by Dr Leanne O'Brien.

5. Dr O'Brien together with N Dunn prepared this report on mudfish habitat on the "South Bank of the Waitaki River" in 2008.

6. In this 4-page brochure Dr O'Brien lists 50 facts about Canterbury mudfish.

Raising mudfish

In this 29 page document, Leanne O'Brien and Nicholas Dunn collaborate on describing "Captive management of mudfish".