Duntroon Wetlands Group
Formed to develop a wetland area centred around the Duntroon Spring.
More pics.
Riparian Society
Formed to maintain and upgrade salmon populations in the Lower Waitaki.
1. Peter Shutt give this group a mention from time to time. (See Links at right). July 2014: refers to "new salmon trap" and some stats for 2014 season ending recently with fin-clipping of 15459 salmon. June 2014: about Mckiinon's Creek hatchery on the Rangitata.
Endangered river species

Mudfish - an endangered Galaxiid (whitebait family). Here is a page of links dedicated to them.

Focus on black-fronted terns: These birds breed in many South Island braided river beds.
Black-fronted terns are  getting some help  from  locals, the  Zone Cttee, DoC and Ecan.
A project is being considered (May 2015) to halt the decline in numbers on the Lower Waitaki, and learn more about this appealing native bird. Here is an account of recent (2014-15) research on this bird.
For info on a forthcoming project and some amazing pics of black-fronted terns, click the birds.images/2pics20pxhigh.jpg