Google Earth Flyover - Lower Waitaki

Google Earth has posted better resolution pictures of the Earth's surface in the last few years.
Using the recording facility of Google Earth it is possible to record journeys from location to location.
Here is a video of a recording of a journey up the Lower Waitaki River.
It is a wee bit jerky - sorry - for a smoother journey go to this page
(If you installed Google Earth then this page loads without a problem.
Otherwise you will be prompted to install a Google Earth plugin).

Note that the video starts at the old river mouth then moves to the new one (2012).
Roads known to Google Earth flicker in the distance and some become visible.
The journey ends at the Waitaki Dam. For more see lower videos.

Google Earth flydown - outer space to Waitaki River mouth

Where on earth is the Waitaki River? (Some may ask!) This is where a Google Earth flydown can help. Here is one:

Meridian Waitaki Hydro Scheme flyover

The Waitaki River began where the Pukaki and Tekapo rivers merged. Now these rivers merge into Lake Benmore.
This lake and lakes Aviemore and Waitaki are man-made for hydroelectric power generation
The Lower Waitaki River begins at the last dam - the Waitaki Dam built in the 1930's.
A view of the Waitaki water system is given in this flyover created by Meridian Energy.

Meridian has more flyovers of its hydro schemes. Search YouTube.