Learn about the Waitaki River
  • Waitaki River Videos - flyovers etc
  • Summary of Waitaki Catchment - aquifers, groundwater basins, and surface water interaction.
  • Braided River Flagship project - does it include the Waitaki?
  • Uni of Otago Environmental Science have a page on the Lower Waitaki groundwater aquifer.
Current issues
1. Changing river mouth position
2. Bird life: Endangered birds
2.1 According to this paper (published in 2010), "declines (in population) are thought to be occurring among the endemic freshwater bird species on braided rivers of New Zealand". Birds singled out are black stilts, black-fronted terns, black-billed gulls and banded dotterels, The paper focuses on black-fronted terns and covers counts made between 1962 and 2008 on 29 rivers. The method of counting terns is described and statistical results given. Populations on low- to medium-flow rivers indicate that populations will be close to extinction within 25 years. As the Waitaki is a high-flow river where decline is not so apparent, a greater responsibility emerges to conserve populations that remain.
3. Salmon statistics