The Society is funded by concerned people and interested groups within the wider community.

The Waitaki Valley holds the most valuable economic resource within the region,
WATER.  The society has been formed for the protection of water quality values and river ecology in the Waitaki River system.
In the past a great deal of voluntary time has been expended on achieving improved environmental outcomes for the river based on
sound environmental science provided by expert evidence.

The tasks at hand come at a cost. Currently the society proposes to challenge some key changes to the Waitaki Allocation Plan (WAP)
For example Ecan intends that the set minimum river flow under the WAP can effectively become 105 cumecs providing the hydro operator
greater flexibility, if consent is given at the environment court. The mean average daily flow of the Waitaki River is 360 cumecs.

The Lower Waitaki River Management Society Inc. is a registered charity.
For donations to qualify for  tax deduction you must provide your details to complete your receipt.
Consider if you will; how much is a healthy river on our doorstep worth to you or your family.

New members are welcome to join.
The annual subscription currently is set at $20 per individual membership $50 per group membership.
Payments details are here.

The local community members acting as the Society' trustees responsible for this funding are:
Anne Te Maiharoa Dodds, Frances Whitlock, John Anderson.

If you feel the river needs a local voice, an advocate representing the broader community interest in water quality issues,
it is time to act, now.