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A recent meeting (9 July2014) of the Society learned that the PPC3 was published for comment.
Other Plan Changes affecting the Waitaki River can be found here.
The introduction is here.
And the relevant documents (as pdf files) are here.

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The Society decided at its meeting to insist on a minimum flow of 150 cumecs.
While the PPC is oriented towards hydro and irrigation needs, the Society asks that social needs be not forgotten.
Fish and game interests as well as boating interests are easily listed, but less definable aesthetic and cultural values are also important.

The "Ryder Report" addressing ecological impact is included in the "Plan and Section 32 Report" as an Appendix (4 - 63 pages).
Some may find issue with Ryder's conclusion that "Minimum flows of around 100 cumecs over the warmer months of the year may result in a slight increase to the risk of bird predation.."
This (I take) is relative to minimum flows of 150 cumecs. There are no quantitative figures to qualify "slight increase" and similar vague science in the report.
Following the 63 page appendix is a 37 page Memorandum prepared by Dr Greg Ryder addressing the concern of Ngai Tahu for wetlands which be affected by PPC3.

The "Harris Report addressing economical impact is included in the "Plan and Section 32 Report" as an Appendix (5 - 25 pages).
(John Anderson - July 2014)