At the AGM held in October 2019, it was decided that the Committee would try to conduct some meetings online.

Committee members would communicate using emails.

Additional use of Internet storage would be explored.
Currently, Google Drive is suggested owing to the facilities offered.

Google Drive storage and support for online meetings.

1. The Hon Sec is currently managing storage provided for the LWRMS which has a Google account.
2. The storage at Google Drive can be used for (a) current Committee meetings (b) Society proceedings archives.
3. Currently this storage is restricted to Committee Members only.
4. All members (and anyone interested) can view the support pages described below.
(Note that, on the support pages, a click on the LWRMS icon returns you to this page.)
5. To revisit Google Drive storage, you can either (a) bookmark the link, or (b) reuse the invitation email.

* Invitations to join the shared files in storage are sent out to elected Committee members.

* Open the link in your browser, and bookmark the URL. (for those with Google accounts)

* Save the invitation email to re-use the Open button. (Use if no Google account).

* The link to Google Drive storage is explored to discover the folder structure.

* Reading current files and making notations.

* Reading archived files (which are read-only).

* Adding files (eg reports, pictures)

* Creating pdf files to add to Society storage.