The Constitution

The Objects of the Lower Waitaki River Management Society Inc are written in the Constitution.
This Constitution is a legal document, and when constructed, set out a plan for the future of the Society.
This plan follows some established patterns but attempts to include everything of importance to the working party of the time.
The Constitution has had some minor amendments but the Objects remain unchanged.
The Objects (made easy)

Refer to the Constitution for the exact wording.

These are the objects in essence - referring to the Waitaki River and Integrated Environmental Management (IEM):

(a) to create a management plan for the river (achieved and available here),

(b) to pursue preservation of the river's resources,

(c) to achieve healthy working ecosystems for the river and its catchments using IEM,

(d) to involve individuals, groups and other organisationin understanding IEM,

(e) to strengthen relationships between Mana Whenua, communities, groups, and agencies,

(f) to acquire, publish and use information of the river,

(g) to increase public awareness of the river and its value.