Possible new site near the road bridge at the Glenavy end.

Some uncertainty exists as to further river flow changes.
Discussions are taking place over a possible new site.
Some photos may help. Click on a photo to get an enlarged view in a separate window. (Big files. Take your time!)
On 11 March 2015 this photo-panorama was taken from the south end of the rest area at the north end of the road bridge.
The major flow is under the bridge at left.
There seem to be 3 main flows contributing to this flow.
1. On the left - this seems to have the bulk of the flow.
2. In the middle - probably the same flow as 3
3. This stream used to be quite a lot bigger and gave some concern because of that.
The orange boulder banks on the right have been put in place to meet that concern.
A boat ramp in this area is under consideration.
Note that a shingle bar is being created just under "1" in the picture.
This may cause boats launched in the foreground area to manoeuvre close to the bridge.

"Satellite" views are revealing ...

Google Earth shows this:
The images are a few years old. Recent upgrades to the rest area are not visible.
In this image, flow #3 described above is obviously the strongest. This is not the case as at Mar 2015.
A more recent photo (which shows the upgrades to the rest area and is kept in the Waitaki Bridge Hall) is shown next:
We see in this photo the strengthening of a flow on the south. This flow is not seen in the Google Earth image.
This photo is undated.