About the Management Society
  • The Society was formed in 2005
Society Stuff
1. Register for Membership or Make a Donation. (Under construction).
2. Members area.
3. Testimonials - personal responses to current river issues. CaitlynK GraemeH JohnA.
4. Boat Ramp: owing to river flow changes a new ramp has been constructed at this new site for boat launching
The Boat Ramp is now in use at the North-Western end of the bridge. (More later).
Member's Forum
New forum is in place for LWRMS members.

This is a place where members can discuss items of interest.

There are TWO LEVELS of access.

Guest: You can view discussion but not make comments.
Requires Username/Password (supplied by LWRMS).

Participant: Upgrade from Guest access by completing a form and Registering.
A further Username/Password is required (you supply this).

Help with Forum (to be provided soon - Feb 2016).

Alternative forums: